Serialization and trace ability trends


A serialization platform can help you understand item-loss disbursement due to quality issues and general process inefficiencies to focus on reducing these problems directly in your supply chain and partner network.

Serialization solution takes a holistic approach to product track and trace. Our serialization team has worked with small and large pharmaceutical companies. We have supported single line and multi-line packaging operations with varying levels of automation. We can help you choose the system that are right for you, and provide you confidence that your operations are compliant today and beyond.


Serialization involves five distinct levels of data capture, and reporting, starting from the line hardware all the way up to data exchange with national, or transnational regulatory bodies.

serialization level system

Level 1- Device level: Hardware to perform printing and scanning and rejecting.
Level 2- Line level: Software that is used to manage the hardware devices in order to serialize.
Level 3- Site level: Allocating serial numbers to lines
Level 4- Enterprise level: Integration with enterprise level systems that manages serialization activities and regulatory data.
Level 5- Network level: Enables management of all serialization and regulation data with partners, customers and regulatory authorities.



Secondary level serialization, involves Incorporation of 2D barcodes encoding unique product identification code (GTIN), Batch Number, Expiry Date and Unique Serial Number on to the Secondary pack.

ID® Manage is a one-stop enterprise solution for world-class serialization and regulatory compliance. It allows you to request, fulfill, allocate, print, and reconcile codes and code requests with role-based access control, a web-based dashboard for monitoring of lines, audit trails to meet the requirements of GMP , 21 CFR Part 11 and other regulations.

Optional modules for instant quality checks and ERP integration allow ID® Manage to fit seamlessly into your existing operations. A variety of input and output options provide the flexibility required to integrate with hardware and software commonly deployed in most manufacturing plants.

ID® MANAGE photo

The salient features of ID® Manage solution are:
•Complete in-house serialization suite.
•Caters to multiple packaging levels, depending upon license option purchased.
•Printing of 2D barcode & Human Readable text as per GS1 guidelines.
•Multiple lines management system.
•Secure encrypted delivery of codes.
•In line with 21 CFR Part 11
•GS1 compatible coding.
•Feedback to system about rejects.
•Maintains a database of all serialized products
•Integration with ERP system (Optional)
•Software compatible with leading industrial printers and scanners.
•Integration with Government Central Portal (As required, once mandated)


1. Conveyor System
2. Rejection System
3. Vision System (Camera)
4. TIJ Printer

Hardware Detail:
Stainless Steel Feeding Conveyor with Rejection system.

Offer Stainless steel feeding conveyor with auto rejection system which can use offline as well as online system.

1. Feeding System
  • Complete body of Stainless Steel
  • Auto rejection system 
  • Label/Cartons comply system
  •  Rejection bin system
  •  Sound Less and vibration less servo motor system
  •  1st server for feed and 2nd server for conveyor
  •  01 VFD system compile conveyor
2. IPS TIJ Inkjet Printer
IPS Logo Option 2y
3. Vision System

Monochrome Vision (Camera) system to check Label online for checking online printed text by coding system with OCR / OCV tool,
Barcode /Pharm code /2D code detection with value generation tool.

Above Vision System with 15.6″Color Touch Screen Industrial Grade computer system to manage data and software for vision system, i7 processor, licensed Window O/S.

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